Our Friend: Fritzwa is beathing new life into a tired scene. Under the umbrella of her collective, The Talented 10th, she aims to recognize and support young creative entrepreneurs across the spectrum of industries - primarily music and visual arts. By celebrating creativity, hard work, and collaboration they’ve been able to build a hub for a diverse group of individuals pursuing endeavors that serve to inspire and motivate the people around them. It is with this philosophy in mind that The Download was born.  A mid-day, summer kick back focused on sharing good music and good company. The concept is simple; download an exclusive piece of music from their site in order to RSVP and gain FREE entry. This is their way of contributing to the culture both tangibly and experientially . The Download takes place this Sunday, July 26th, at North 45 - 517 NW 21st Ave, and will feature live DJ sets from Fritzwa and Chuka. And of course, no day party is complete without a lil something to sip on, so they’ve teamed up with Thomas & Sons Distillery to create an exclusive cocktail - The Download Ice Tea.

We had a chance to link up with Fritzwa to discuss the origins of the collective and how this concept came about:

Who are you? What's your story?

My name is |Fritzwa|. I'm a songwriter, DJ, lover of inspired creations and founder of Talented10thTV. I'm from NYC by way of Ghana & Sierra Leone. The collective began many years ago, as a group of friends learning how to make music. It has since evolved into a group of friends that not  only makes music, but also web series' and visual art. We also host a weekly meet-up in NYC called 2nd shift for young aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs looking to network and make their ideas come to life.


What would you say is the overall mission for the Talented 10th crew? What do you guys hope to accomplish?

We support any execution of meaningful creative endeavors that highlight people & experiences that are usually overlooked. We focus primarily on music and digital media.  The goal is to empower people to pursue the passions relentlessly by inspiring them with our art and our journey.


How do you see Portland evolving in the next few years? Specifically within the creative community

I think this city is bursting with brilliant creative minds. So much talent. I definitely see PDX evolving into a  place that is known for pushing creative boundaries and as a safe place for anyone with an artistic spirit to settle. It’s well on its way.


How did 'The Download' event come about?    

It was a concept that came to me during a conversation about why it was so difficult to incentivize close friends to support art. Particularly when clicking something is so easy to do. So I tried to solve the problem... and voila... #TheDownload.   

**To RSVP and gain FREE entry, head to The Download PDX and download a track.  Tracks featured are by The Stuyvesants, Fritzwa & Don Thomas