OUR FRIENDS : at Ace Hotel  were pioneers of the new Portland "cool."  A reflection of and concept from the mind of the late, great visionary, Alex Calderwood.  We had the privilege of calling him friend way back when, as he was just breathing life into this dream of his here, and he truly was everything people say he was: kind, curious, wonderfully odd, and unapologetic in his pursuit of inspiration and new ideas.  He was a kindred spirit.  That same spirit is reflected in many of the unconventional ways in which this boutique hotel provides a platform for and promotes the local culture.  CONTENT is one of the most popular and exciting examples.  


"For the uninitiated, Content was originated by a team led by a pre-Project Runway Gretchen Jones, who envisioned an installation-based showcase for Portland's design professionals to translate their inspirations and identity in a format that was expressly focused on artistic expression, without the fundamental commercial aspect of, say, a trade show or even a runway event."  (Marjorie Skinner - The Mercury)

In our opinion, the hype around it is a result of a city starved of any REAL inclusive, creative culture or interesting, large scale social experiences.  And in it, CONTENT is a new and more progressive SCENE.  People, in droves, actually DRESS for it.  *gasp*  There are always a few stand-outs in the hallway of rooms, and getting to see Portland really participate, in an active and stylish way, is always worth the wrap-around-the-block line out front.  

Historically, each room's installation have been created by local boutiques and designers by invitation only.  So, we were delighted when the shows producer, a long time mentor and friend, Connie Wohn, hit us up to help promote a bit of change.  THIS year they are putting out a call to ARTISTS in an effort to diversify and #supporttheunderground!!  

Ya'll KNOW how WE feel about THAT!! 

Thank you, Connie, for ALWAYS being brave enough to push the culture forward, boss enough to get the Powers That Be behind you, and cool enough to do it with style.  

This is an opportunity for the underground to shine.  A call to all the motivated and brilliant weirdos to say something different, and do something dope.  If this is you, stand up and be great.  You KNOW we here at SERVICE will be there to support.

Read through the information below.  
Please send all submissions to content2015@acehotel.com


**Editor Clarification: While it DOES cost money to participate, CONTENT is looking for specific artists that MAKE WORK that can then be sold at the event.  Therein lies the artists opportunity to recoup costs and make money.  We understand the upfront costs do not necessarily coincide with our mantra of supporting the underground, and we intend to suggest providing a certain amount of funding for a least a few especially dynamic submissions in the future.   However, the call to action would then be directed at the rest of us that attend to actually BUY ARTISTS WORK!! Thank you!  AND TO ALL OF US - #SUPPORTTHEUNDERGROUND