OUR FRIEND : JOHNNY LE is low key the man behind some the coolest nightlife in recent Portland history.  His Hideout series is the kind of highly curated pop up party that we love to support.  Always mindful of his location by choosing spots that are a bit undiscovered, Mr. Le really knows how make people feel like they are a part of a more exclusive set of party goers.  In other words, you don't just stumble upon it, you have to KNOW about it.  Which is something this city needs more of (IMHO). This element of surprise combined with some equally progressive, behind the scenes visual artists, and sound selectors with a more grown up and international palette, make for a new kind of gathering.  However, this is not his only contribution to the local landscape.  He was first introduced to us as a young photographer, and we have been watching him carve his own lane ever since.   It seems he places a lot of importance on quality over quantity, and THAT is something we can get behind.  In a city full single notes and sameness, we appreciate anyone that looks for ways to do things differently.  Johnny Le - we salute you.

Keep your ears to the ground for the next in the HIDEOUT series.   In the meantime, check the link below for a fresh little vid shot by this talented young artist.    

JOHNNY LE x NIKE