OUR FRIEND : REY ROBLES popped up on our radar not that long ago.  A friend invited us to a local meet up he started of young creatives in Portland called Power in Numbers.  Currently the city is experiencing growth unlike any other in the US, and a good majority of the transplants have moved to our rainy city to contribute to the thriving creative industry.  Young movers and shakers, used to the vibrance and diversity of some of the worlds biggest cultural hubs, are arriving expecting to find an exciting creative culture.  It's not long before the reality of this heavily talked about town reveals itself.  Portland is still a small, albeit modern town with a lot of so-called "progressive" white people doing small town "progressive" white people things.  It is the great frontier of hand made leather goods and cute artisan treats.  A lot of "howdy, neighbor" and pats on the back.  Of course, if you know that city like WE do, you know that there is SO much more than that.  The really exciting shit is still very much in "the underground," and as such, is not easily accessed.  The REALLY EXCITING SHIT is what people like Rey are looking for.  As a result, little groups like this have started to pop up around the city in an effort to find like minded people, and build a new kind of community and culture amongst them.  We've been to a few, but Power In Numbers is, so far, the one with the most potential.  Twenty and thirty-somethings from New York and London and Miami and everywhere in between with a passion, and a desire to discover and support others.  We immediately recognized ourself in this group, and being that the meeting is a pop up, offered to host the next one here, at SERVICE.  The turn out was incredible and the vibe was inspiring.  So many of the attendees captured content and posted it on all the varied social media platforms, but one talented photographer named Noah Porter really captured the spirit of the day.  If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to PAY ATTENTION, and attend the next one.  Or if it inspires you, START YOUR OWN!! 

Thank you to everyone that came and supported this movement.  And, most importantly, thank you Rey for having the vision.  Because of people like you we can hope for a TRULY progressive and colorful future.  And THAT is what we here at SERVICE are all about.  

*check the FB link to see the work of the supremely talented artists who attend.  We will definitely be talking about THEM in the future.  xO