OUR FRIEND : RY CUMMING  A.K.A. RY EDEN, RY X, is also known as one third of the band The Acid and one half of the band Howling .  In other words, he's busy.  We first met this gentle genius when we were living in Los Angeles.  Upon introduction he is handsome, warm, and charming.  Always surrounded by a captivated audience of beautiful, bohemian LA ladies, it is clear we aren't the only ones that notice.  As our friendship grew, we were pleased to discover that he is equally as talented as he is kind. An authentic and prolific artist, Ry doesn't pursue recognition.  He is an artists for art's sake, and that makes his work even more compelling.  So it is no surprise that more mainstream artists are looking to capture a little of that magic.  This Kelly Clarkson collab with John Legend (swoon) has his name all over it.  A beautifully written anthemic ballad of love and it's heart wrenching pursuit, it is what he does best.  But who are we kidding?  We love everything he does.  

PS.  Here's one more from his latest project as HOWLING , courtesy of NOWNESS - just for fun.   xO